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Last wednesday night my friend Adhil called me to ask if he can use my internet connection to send some sms using his bulk sms account for his cousin. He wanted to send them that night itself as the govt was about to freeze bulk sms account from 12am due to Ayodhya verdict. I agreed and he came to my home with Shibin (sorry shib.in, yeah! recently he registered the domain shib.in to put coming soon banner 😀 ). When they reached home only i knew that my internet connection is down due to some problem in the phone line (it is a hobby of monkeys around here to bite down phone lines). There is no question of going to internet cafe as it was already 10:30 pm and the nearest cafe is 12kms away. Surprisingly Shibin’s netbook detected a wifi connection named wifi-anil. He tried to connect, it got connected without requiring authentication. He typed google.com in a browser and tried to load, yes it got loaded.I opened the closed window doors in my room for better reception and Adhil without wasting a single second did his work. Even though his bulk sms account got banned by 11 30 he was able to send some part of messages. And thats the first time i am stealing someone else’s internet connection. The next day itself i added WPA authentication to my wireless router.

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