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Earlier we saw how to setup swanalekha in gentoo! Now lets see how to setup the same in slackware. Now its pretty easy when compared to what we have done in gentoo.As gentoo dont have any native binary package we downloaded the source from here and installed it.This time no need to install from source as i made a slackware binary package for swanalekha which makes the installation a piece of cake 😉
To install swanalekha, download the binary package from here
#wget http://ragsagar.freehostia.com/swanalekha_0.3.1_2.tgz
#installpkg swanalekha_0.3.1_2.tgz

Hey thats all. We installed swanalekha. Now start typing malayalam in your computer 🙂
For More Info on typing malayalam using swanalekha, go through this old post.
PS: Make sure that you have scim already installed in your computer.

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