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I was working with pygtk for fewdays.It is pretty interesting.Suddenly thoughts about making a calculator came into my mind.So i started working on it.GUI designing was pretty easy when compared to the calculation part. Finished the GUI part pretty fastly,but the calculation part really made my head at sixes and sevens :-o.Anyway soon i got a solution.In pygtk when a widget (eg button) is pressed it calls a particular function.For that we connects the signal emitted from the button with that function.So the calculation part should be in the function that is called when the operators(+,-,/,*) are pressed.The function that executed when the numbers are pressed just sends that number to the Text Entry widget (ie our calculator’s screen).Hope you got an idea abt the program! Any way it is well commented as far as i can.So there wont be much problems to understand the code.As the code is somewhat big iam not pasting it here..You can download it from here

Run it using this command :

python calculator.py

Here is its screenshot :-



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