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Few days ago i wrote a script to update the status message in pidgin with the title of the song playing in audacious music player.It is written in python.it makes use of the dbus for the inter application communication.when you invoke that script it just appends the title of the song currently playing in audacious as the status message in pidgin .i used the shell command $watch to invoke it in every 30 seconds so that the status message gets updated with the songtitle within 30 seconds after the song change.You can reduce the number of seconds so that the status message gets updated frequently reducing the time delay between the song change and updation of status message.What the script does is, it retrieves the song title from the audacious music player using dbus.Then this songtitle is assigned as the status message in pidgin by communicating through dbus.This script needs dbus and py-dbus.So make sure that you have both packages installed in your system.

Here is the script :

def set_message(message):
# Get current status type (Available/Away/etc.)
current = purple.PurpleSavedstatusGetType(purple.PurpleSavedstatusGetCurrent())
# Create new transient status and activate it
status = purple.PurpleSavedstatusNew(“”, current)
msg=”Now Playing: ”
purple.PurpleSavedstatusSetMessage(status, emsg)

import dbus
proxy = session_bus.get_object(“im.pidgin.purple.PurpleService”, “/im/pidgin/purple/PurpleObject”)
purple = dbus.Interface(proxy, “im.pidgin.purple.PurpleInterface”)
proxy1 = session_bus.get_object(‘org.mpris.audacious’,’/TrackList’)
purple1 = dbus.Interface(proxy1,’org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer’)
ct = purple1.GetCurrentTrack()
proxy2 = session_bus.get_object(‘org.mpris.audacious’,’/org/atheme/audacious’)
purple2 = dbus.Interface(proxy2,’org.atheme.audacious’)
currentsong = purple2.SongTitle(ct)
print currentsong

Running this script will update the status message just once , so u have to shell command $watch as i said earlier.if you dont want to do this things manually, dont worry! i got package for this, grab it from here http://ragsagar.freehostia.com/pidgin-audacious_plugin.tar.gz , untar it and run the installer..

$wget http://ragsagar.freehostia.com/pidgin-audacious_plugin.tar.gz

$tar -xvf pidgin-audacious_plugin.tar.gz

$cd pidgin-audacious\ plugin/

$sudo chmod a+x installer


Now run the script using this command :


PS: Make sure that you have both audacious and pidgin already running

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