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Atlast i came up with a real rhythmbox plugin for setting the status message in pidgin as the current song title playing in Rhythmbox music player .I wrote it a few month before and was using it. Thought of sharing it before but didnt get time. Actually i forgot about my blog when i started microblogging. From now onwards i will be updating this blog regularly.( this is what i wanted to do always 😀 )

Download the plugin from here : http://ragsagar.freehostia.com/rb-nowplaying.tar.gz
To install it.
1) Extract the tarball.
2) Copy it to ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ (if no such directories exists, create them)
3) Open rhythmbox. Edit -> Plugins
4) Check ‘Now Playing Pidgin’

That’s it. If you are facing any problems do comment.

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