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Two months before i lost 10rs from my mobile balance without using it. When i contacted Reliance customer care they told me that “A joke pack has activated in your account by me last month and this is for the second time they are taking money,It is not possible to refund the money now, but they will deactivate it. It is possible to refund the money only within 24hours after activation of the pack.” I told them that i didn’t activate any such packs and told to deactivate it. On this month 25th i again noticed a decrease in balance by 10rs. So i contacted the customer care executive on 25th morning. He told that a joke pack has been subscribed that’s why i lost the money and it is possible to refund the money as no activation has yet taken place.So i told him to refund. As it didn’t got activate after an hour, i contacted the Customer care again. They told me to wait for 24hours. I waited for 24 hours and contacted them again on 26th evening and what they said was the same, to wait for 24hours. Told the same when i called them on 27th. When i called on 28th one CC executive told me that a complaint has been registered and that i have to wait for two days and i will be getting the complaint no as sms. Within two days i got two messages from them one containing the complaint number and the other informing that the offer pack has been deactivated. But the money was still not refunded. So i contacted them on 31st (yesterday), a CC executive told me that i will be surely refunded within 24hours and told me to wait. Today when i called them one guy telling me that my pack is not yet deactivated, i can deactivate it through an sms and it is not possible to refund the money. WTF??????


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