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Last month itself there were talks that the final year BE/BTech results will be available by January first or second week. When it became January there were posts in various unofficial blogs that the results will be coming out by January 4th. Blogs said that on worst case it will be postponed to January 5th and they even stated the time University will be updating it in the database. But days passed, nothing happened. And this cycle is still going on. I was thinking how much traffic will they be getting during these days. I just wanted to know how much clicks they will be getting for using those particular keywords in their posts. Even if they are providing fake news they will be getting lots of hits. Even i am checking those blogs twice daily. They are exploiting students’ eagerness to know about their examination results. Let me check the increase in number of traffic to this blog after posting this. I will come up with an update to this post if there is considerable increase in number of clicks.
BTW, now one of the University site says that the results are expected to come out by January 12th.

Update: Yeah, This post did bring more than 100 hits in a single day as expected.


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